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About Daniel Song HE

40 years of clinical experience

Daniel Song HE moved to Brisbane in 1989, he has over 40 years of clinical experience with continuous professional development. Such extensive qualifications and experience is why Daniel is the president of the QLD branch of FEMA (Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies of Australia) – Years 2004-2006, 2018 to current.

Daniel has extensive knowledge in treating a multitude of medical conditions.


TCM University 5 years  (1977 to 1982)

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Internal Medicine At WM University 3 years (1985 -1988)

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Fujian Provincial Hospital

Worked as a TCM doctor full time for 7 years

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments

  • Acupuncture
  • Acupotomology
  • Moxibustion
  • Tui Na
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine (raw herbs and tablets)
  • Pulse Diagnosis

Conditions Treated

  • R Skin
  • RDigestion
  • RHormonal
  • RLower Back Pain
  • RStrains & Sprains
  • RNeck Pain
  • RNeurological
  • RStress
  • RDiabetes (type 2)
  • RDisc prolapse (herniations, bulges)
  • RHeadaches & Migraines
  • RInsomnia
  • RCancer
  • RStrains & Sprains
  • RDislocations
  • RExample
  • RHeadaches & Migraines
  • RInsomnia


A Five Star Reputation For results


Very impressed by Daniel’s amazing knowledge, was able to vastly improve a difficult issue in 3 treatments after spending years with other practitioners. If results are your top priority this is who I would recommend.

Stephen M

I have been going to Daniel for quite some time now, and he is an exceptional practitioner. I strongly recommend seeing Daniel for all types of health issues, especially conditions which are very difficult to treat, or complex injuries. I recommend him to all my friends and family because no matter what stage of unhealth people are at, he offers honest and in-depth help. Over time, with regular treatment, he has proven his knowledge of the Western and TCM systems and the results have shown for themselves. From my own experience of his treatment, I urge people to see him before they decide if they can or cannot get better.

Philippa F

I drove past Daniels Accupuncture practice many times and wondered he was a good practitioner. I am a hpe teacher and have been working for many years. In recent times I have had extremely sore knees and at times was in a lot of pain especially when driving. I decided to see Daniel a few months ago and he is very professional and has a deep understanding of Accupuncture. Anyway story short I had two sessions with him and my knees felt amazing and could move without pain. He and penny (his wife) also use herbal Chinese remedies which I believed help in the healing process of my knees. I have passed on Daniels details to many of my friends but they have not gone yet for what ever reasons. But I can assure you if you are in pain … he has an ability to help you heal
I encourage you to see Daniel and Penny for what ever health issues you have … for example my wife is currently being treated by Daniel for manopause …his treatments are helping her
Thanks Daniel

Rob Brown

Very experienced practitioner! One of the best I have seen. Very effective and efficient! Thank you Daniel!

James Denzel Wong

Member of AACMA & FCMA

Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies of Australia

Australian Acupuncture & Chinese medicine Association

REN JI TANG Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Centre


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